Hampta Pass : Day 4: Conquering Hampta Pass and the descent to Shea Goru

Today would be D-Day as the we would be sumiting the Hampta Pass. Ravi told us usually we would be starting at 7 in the morning and it would take around 4-4.5 hours by the time we reach hampta pass. But considering the fast pace of the group we would leave at 8.

The previous day rains gave way to clear skies and we could start the ascent at 8.30 instead of 8. The initial part of the climb from Balu ka gera was over boulders and everyone were taking it easy without going too fast. YHAI who were also doing the trek were on the other side of the river and soon we would meet up with them as we climbed higher. After half hour to 45 min of climbing we took a break while waiting for the rest of the team to catch up. The mountains at the far end were clearly visible and after some photography we start the climb again.

Mountains / Valleys and Group snaps

As we climbed higher the views became more majestic and the boulders which were there also had to be negotiated. With breaks in-between we continued the trek.

After 3 hours of climbing we were very close to the summit and we ask our guide how far more and we got a reply another half hour max. We could find YHAI gang  also relaxing enroute where we took the final break.

Another hour of climbing we were at hampta pass. We were excited and took a longish break for an hour.

Hampta Pass

The YHAI gang had also reached the pass and it was getting crowded. After a group snap we started the steep descent towards shea goru. With loose gravel and rocks we had to be careful about where we keep our feet and with the amount of ppl getting down one had to be slow when descending.

Fortunately myself, vignesh and surabhi were able to get down soon and we waited near the bottom for the rest of the group to rejoin. The scenary had changed dramtically from the manali side as we entered spiti valley

Spiti Valley


We were greeted with a barren landscape and while descending we could see the valley which looked like an arid desert. We took a few snaps and once the rest of the group got together we proceeded towards shea goru campsite. With icy mountains on the far ends we savoured the different setting which looked like a alien movie setting.

Shea Goru Campsite

After lot of photos of the campsite we headed for dinner and a cozy nap.

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