Le Tour De Kuala Lampur Part 3

This would be our final week in KL and there were a couple of places which were still pending to be visited. Me and my friend decided to visit them on the weekend

Our first destination was putrajaya the administrative captial. Though we would pass through putrajaya everyday we couldnt get a chance to visit the monuments. We intended on covering them on sat evening.

After booking a taxi for an hour which costs 40 RM. We started our tour of putrajaya. It was drizzling intermitently, however that didnt stop us from going. Our first destination was the convention center. According to the taxi driver any major program that happens in putrajaya takes places in the convention center. The building is well designed. From the top we get a panaromic view of putrajaya. Taking a few snaps of the countryside and the convention center we moved forward.

Putrajaya Convention Center

Very close to the convention center is a famous bridge. We stopped there for a short time, while me and my friend went for a stroll.  A small photoshoot there and we were off to the next destination. The taxi driver told us we would be going to the silver mosque which was built newly.

Silver Mosque

While going to the mosque, the driver showed us a bridge that as based on the sydney bridge in australia. While going to the mosque we saw a few administrative buildings.

Sydney Bridge Replica

The dome present on one building impressed me and i asked the taxi guy to wait for a few min while i went to take a few snaps.

Supreme court in putrajaya

Once that was complete, we headed to the the administrative building and the main attraction the putra mosque. Having spent some time there taking snaps we headed back to putrajaya sentral and back home

Administrative building

Putra Mosque

Sunday we headed to port dickson which has a few beaches. The reviews on the net indicated that the place was live and happening. After taking the train to seremban we boarded a taxi to PD. The journey takes an hour and soon we were on the shores on saujana beach.  We reality what entirely different from what was given on the net. There was hardly any crowd on the beach and the activities werent that interesting either.

Saujana Beach

We settled down on the beach expecting people to start coming once the sun goes down. However even after an hour there was no action. We were really disappointed.  After enquiring about the location of the next beach, we were told it is about 5 kms and we would need a taxi to go there.


The buses and taxis ply once an hour and we knew we wouldnt be able to get back if we didnt find a taxi.  Since transport facilities werent that friendly, we decided to skip the other beach and head back. After waiting for another hour we found a taxi who took us to the seremban station. After boarding the train we returned to KL and back home

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Snaps of the entire malaysia trip can be found here

Le Tour de Kaula Lampur- Part 2

With a three day weekend looming large, plans were put in place to visit “Genting Highlands” which is promoted as city of entertainment on sat and to cover the remaining places in KL on sunday.  Monday was a reserve day which we thought could be utilized for shopping . After searching on the net about the travel options, me and my friend set out for genting on sat at 9. Taking a train to gombak we hired a taxi to reach the base of genting, which took us about an hour and 15 min to reach. From the base we have to take the famous cable car which goes all the way to the top. Tickets cost 10RM.

Cable Cars

One can view lush greenary and also see other cable cars coming down.  The ride to the top takes approximately 15-20 min. Once we reach the top,there are various activities which one can indulge in. From the outdoor theme parks which has some killer rides, to shopping and to the casino’s genting has it all.


Our main purpose of visiting the park was to experience the thrill of the outdoor theme park,  so we headed there. After paying the fee of 48RM, we headed inside and we thrilled to see all the various  rides awaited us.

Our first ride would be the pirate ship (also called colombus back home). The ship swings from one side to the other and the higher it goes, the more the people scream 🙂 :). Waiting in the long queue, we finally got to sit in the boat. We enjoyed the ride and soon moved to the next one.  We had a plan of covering all the thrill rides which were about 10 of them.  Standing in the queue for each one of them took a long time.

Here are some of the best thrill rides you can enjoy in genting

  • Corkscrew


  • Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon

  • Flying coaster
  • Spinner


  • Cyclone

Apart from the thrill rides, the park also offers rides for family and for children. One can spend the whole day trying out all the rides and not get boared. There were however a few rides that dissapointed us

After covering all the thrill rides we headed to the indoors. After a quick snack at pizza hut, we went about exploring the first world plaza, which also has the indoor theme park, and the casino de genting.

The first world plaza offers shoppaholics enough choices there shops present in every floor and each shop is stocked to the brim with various items worth purchasing.

First World Plaza

Our final stop in genting would be the casino de genting. Since this was our first visit to the casino, we were not sure what to expect. Upon entering the casino, we found plenty of roulette tables and other machines.  As we werent aware of how to play the games we spent the time, looking at others play and roaming around the casino. With nothing much to do, in the casino we came out of the casino and headed to the bus terminal to book our return tickets to KL Sentral.

We bid farewall to genting and reached home at 10.30 thus concluding an exicting day at the peak

Our visit to the petronas skybridge was pending and we had planned on covering it on sunday. To get the tickets we had to be at the petronas towers at 7 in the morning. We went there thinking we would be among the first persons to get the tickets. However we were in for a suprise, as we already found a sizable crowd waiting for the counter to open. As we stood there we saw more and more people coming and the queue size got larger.

Finally the counter opened at 8.30 and we got the tickets for the 9.30 slot.  Initally a 3D movie about the development acitivities of petronas is screened for about 8 min, before we are led to a high speed elevator which zooms of to the 42nd floor in 41 sec. Each group is given 10 min on the skywalk. The skywalk offers a panaromic view of the city. Snaps can be taken here before we are led to the elevator and back to the base.


With the skywalk complete we headed to the railway station, and to masjid jamek as we couldnt cover it in our outing last week.

Masjid Jamek

During the city walk we also toured a few other monuments such as majid india, st mary’s cathedral, meredaka square (the place where the malaysian flag was first raised after the independence in 1957).

Meredeka Square

We also got to visit a few taoist temples such as saz-ya temple and thean hou temple.


Thean Hou Temple


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Le Tour De Kaula Lampur – Part 1

Kuala Lampur the capital of malaysia would be my home for 27 days. The vibrant city has both its old world charm which blends in with the rapid industrialization and urbanization which has seen the city transform into a very beautiful city.

The city has a well maintained train routes which run across the city and cover most parts.  Apart from the train network there are numerous taxis which ferry people to anywhere based on a nominal fee. Ticket counters are present at all major transit points and one can hire taxis from elsewhere too. There is a also a wide number of buses which one can take to reach their respective destination.

Bus in Kaula Lampur

Note: People call central as sentral in KL. For KL Central locals called is KL Sentral

After a harrowing experience at the airport, my friend and I headed out to the petronas twin towers in the evening after relaxing for a while at our guest house. The twin towers is located at KLCC (Kuala Lampur City Central). Armed with the city’s rail network map we headed to the cental railway station.

Trains in KL are classified into 3 categories

  1. The monorail – which is used for short distance travel

The Monorail

  1. The KLexpress and KL Transit Express – which covers major stations in KL
  2. The KTM Kommuter – which covers old KL

KTM Kommuter

The ticketing system in KL is automated. A touch screen is present with various stations and one has to select the desired station. The amount will be displayed on the screen. Either put the change or notes and get the ticket.  An automated entry is located next to the touch screen which accepts the ticket(like a conductor in a normal bus).  Once the ticket passes through the automated counter a person can proceed to the train.

Train Ticket

The ticket has to be reinputed into the automated counter at the destination only then one can exit the station.

Automated ticket checking system

We got our tickets to KLCC (cost 1.60 RM) and boarded the train. A 10 min journey took us to our destination and to the twin towers. We spent some time doing a photoshoot at the towers before heading to KL Tower which is also a communication hub. Asking for directions we proceeded. KL Tower is a couple of minutes walk from twin towers.

View of Twin Towers from KLCC

Petronas Twin Towers

The KL Tower is located at Bhukit Nanas. A free shuttle service is available every 5 min which takes us to the base of the tower. Entry to other parts of the towers costs 38 RM which also includes a visit to the Bhukit Nanas Forest Reserve, which we decided to cover at a later date.

KL Tower

Location of KL Tower

We were wiating for the towers to be illuminated so that we could see the towers in all its glory. Our wish was granted soon. The lights went up and the tower was illuminated, and the sight was simply stunning.  Taking snaps at various angles we bid adeiu to the tower and headed back to KLCC to catch the train back to KL Central.  Since SuriaKLCC mall was adjacent to the towers we went there for a visit before heading back home

Petronas Towers Illuminated

View from Mall

This would be our first day of complete sightseeing in KL. We had planned on covering quite a few places starting with the famous Batu Caves present at the outskirts of the city.

As usual we took a train to Gombak station from where we hired a taxi to the caves. We informed the driver of our intention to cover zoo negara(National Zoo) also and then we asked him to drop us back to the station. After some hard negotiations we agreed on the following rates

  • Gombak to Batu – 20RM
  • Batu to  Zoo- 25 Rm
  • Zoo to Station – 20 RM

While driving to the caves, the driver showed us various locations where we could purchase duty free goods.

We reached batu caves in a short while. Taking the driver’s no we told him we would call him after completing our visit to the caves. Batu Caves is made 3-4 limestone cliffs and is dedicated to Lord Subramanya.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves from another angle

The huge statue of the Lord is present outside the caves.  The hindu festival Thaipusam is very famous here is celebrated at Batu caves each january. As per the driver, the main road leading to the caves is blocked as there would be a huge rush

Statue of Lord Subramanya

To reach the top one has to climb a series of 275 steps. The caves are home to various dieties and temples are located inside the temple. One can also see religious people performing ‘kavadi’ a dance in which one would pierce their nose and body with sharp instruments.  We spent some time at batu while taking snaps of the caves and the performances.

Kavadi Procession

Temple inside Batu Caves

With nothing much to do there we came down and headed to a duty free shop located close to the caves.  After checking the list of items, my friend decided to purchase a watch. Since it was duty free we didnt have to worry about customs. With the shopping complete, we called the taxi and asked the driver to drop us at the zoo.

Zoo Negara

The zoo negara or the National Zoo is one of the largest zoo’s in malaysia. Like any other zoo there is a wide variety of animals. The cost of entry is 38RM which includes entry to the aquarium and to the bird and butterfly park all located within the zoo itself. We roamed around the zoo for a couple of hours taking snaps of animals, and visited the aquarium and other parts of the zoo.

Animals inside the zoo

While coming out, we saw there was a animal show. Since we had enough time we occupied the seats and waited for the show to start

The show started 3 pm local time and the announcer introduced the trainer of a seal and a sea line to the auidence.

Based on the commands given by the trainer both the animals performed a few tricks like playing basketball, balancing the ball on their noses etc. The show lasted for half hour and later we made our way out of the zoo.

Animal Show

We called the taxi driver and told us to drop us back to the station. Tickets were taken to KLCC as we had plans of visiting the aquaria. We reached the aquaria and purchased tickets ( tickets to aquaria costs 35RM).

The Aquaria

The aquaria is supposed to be one of the largest aquariums int he world, it covers over 5000 sqaure feet showcasing nearly 150 species of fish from all over the world.

Different kinds of fish

The main attraction is the glass enclosed structure with water on either sides and sharks and other creatures swiming above.

Into the deep blue sea

Shark Attack

With the sun going down, we headed to KLCC park which was located just a few meters from main complex. After relaxing for a while we headed back to the central and back home thus concluding an eventful day

The experience inside the aquaria is simple awesome and this is one of the must see places in KL.

With the sun going down we headed to KLCC park located adjacent to the the main complex and behind the Suria KLCC mall. Relaxing for a while there, we headed back to the train station and then back home thus concluding an eventful day

Fountains in KLCC park

After a hectic day of travelling , my friend and I decided to cover a few places within the city. We chose the KL lake gardens as it had covered a lot of local sightseeing places and we knew it would take us almost half a day to cover them all.  With a delayed start, on sunday, we headed to the KL Cental to a train to the old kaula lampur station. All the places we wanted to visit were present in the same vincinity.

Old Kaula Lampur Railway Station

Our first attraction was masjid negra also called national mosque.

Masjid Negara

The place is located opposite to the old kaula lampur central railway station. We saw a huge crowd of photographers already present at the mosque. Making space for ourselves, i took a few snaps of the mosque.

View of Masjid Negara from outside

Visitors are permitted to go inside the mosque. In order to enter one has to wear traditional clothing which is provided at the enterance. Since me and my friend weren’t interested in visiting the mosque we moved to the bird park.

About the mosque

The KL bird park which is one of the largest walk-in free flight aviary . The park contains 3000 different variety of birds from all over the world. After paying an entry free of 45RM, we went inside the park and we were suprised to see the amount of birds present. There was also a bird show, which we spent some time watching.

After finishing our tour of the bird watch we went to the adjacent deer park, where we saw different deers which were either kept in enclosures or were roaming around. With nothing much to do, we headed to the national monument which was located a short distance from the deer park.

Deers in deer park

With humidity being high, we took a break at the hibuscus and orchid garden, where we saw different varities of orchids. Since many of them werent bloomed, we left the place after taking rest for some time.

Orchid Garden

We reached the national monument, which was located adjacent to the asean sculpture park.

Asean Sculpture Park

The monument is built in memory of the soldiers who died fighting against the communist insurgency in the late 1950’s. The entire statue is made of bronze.

National Monument

Bronze Statue commemorating the fallen heroes

A small photoshoot was done there and we went to the KL Lake gardens, where we could get some respite from the heat. After a short siesta at the park we headed back to our room as we had plans of visiting china town in the evening

KL Lake Gardens

Evening we headed to petaling street also called chinatown. The place is famous for its night bazar where lot of chinese goods are sold. This is a must visit place in KL as one can purchase various items (though authenticity cant be guarenteed 🙂 🙂 ).

China Town

With time still left to go back, we headed to a mall nearby to see if goods can be purchased. As many of the shops were about to close, we headed back to the guest house thus concluding another eventful day of sightseeing

Note:  I would like to apologize for the bad quality of a few snaps as I have taken them from my mobile.

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The snaps of the trip will be uploaded later

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