Thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte – The Season Ending trek

Brijesh of Ruff Terrain Adventures had asked me to join for a trek to thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte before I left for himalaya. I had told him that I had climbed Thadiyandmol already and would be interested in joining for Nishani Motte, however he asked me to join as the group would be different.

I proposed the plan to kiran who promptly joined. Tickets were booked for coorg on fri night.

We reached coorg at 6 and called brijesh who sent a vehicle to pick us up. After finishing our morning abulations in the basecamp we got ready to climb thadiyandmol.

Day -1

The trek started after a round of introductions. In order to save time, the vehicle in which we were travelling, was driven till nalknad palace. From here the peak is 6 kms.

The Ruff terrain Gang

As kiran and I had already been to the peak, we began the climb with a few others following us. A guide YHAI Coorg unit as accompanying us in case some one got lost.

The intial part of the climb was through a tarred road and as we gained altitude the scenary also improved.

Way to the Peak

We soon reached the only source of water and took a short break. The rest of the gang was a long way behind. We however decided to continue the climb as the path was straightforward. Stopping to take few snaps we continued our climb

Scenary near thadiyandmol

An hour of climbing and we were at the top. As we were the first persons to the peak, I choose a comfortable place to have a nap while waiting for the rest of them to arrive. The rest of the guys arrived after an hour. Lunch packets were opened and after lunch the descent began.

We were at a small waterfall which we crossed in a couple of hours. A short break to wash our faces and to drink water we reached nalkanad palace pretty quickly.

The rest of the guys arrived late as usual and those interested in having bath went to a nearby creek near the palace while the rest of them went to see nalknad palace. It was time to leave nalkanad palace as it was already 6 !!.  The return journey was spent antakshari. Dinner was served in basecamp and it was time to hit the sack after a round of campfire.

Day 2

The trek to nishani motte was scheduled for today. As the route was new to everyone we were asked to follow the guide. We were transported to galeebedu from where the trek begins. The guide led the way and we followed

The initial part of the trek was through cofee estates.

Coffee Estates

As there were numerous deviations in the path, those who were ahead were asked to wait at the intersections till the guide arrived. After crossing the coffee estates we came to a clearing from where we could see the majestic WG. The scenary was simply amazing and once everyone reached there, a short break was taken before we proceeded

Western Ghats

The guide asked us to follow him as only he knew the path. We continued to walk along the ridge which provided some great scenary

Ridge Walk!!

We could see the peak in front of us after crossing the ridge. With greenery all around the peak looked very inviting. The wind was blowing heavily when we reached the peak.

View from the peak

Spending some time at the peak we began the descent. As usual the guide was leading the way. After briefly loosing our way we were back on the right track. An hour or two of descending, we reached the road. The rest of the guys followed.

Time was already running out as a few ppl had come to AP and they had to reach bangalore to catch a 10.30 train. The vehicle was called to where we were and soon we were heading to the basecamp.

Those who had to get back to Bangalore boarded the vehicle, while me and kiran decided to get down at madikeri, as our return tickets were booked already

A visit to Abbi Falls and we were roaming around in coorg till dinner time and we boarded the bus to bangalore, thus concluding the final trek of 2010

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Snaps can be found here

Roadtrip Day 5: Waterfalls Galore

I was under the assumption that I would have a smooth ride, from madikeri to irrupu falls as I thought the roads would be fine.

Early morning I went to abbi falls which is just 8 kms from the town. As usual I didnt want to experience crowd problem at the falls, so I decided to go early.

Due to the recent rains, there was enough water in the falls, and with no one present I could go about with my photoshoot without worrying about the crowd

Abbi Falls

A couple of tourists came along and soon a large crowd arrived. I packed me cam, and was back at the lodge. Soon, I packed my stuff and proceeded to virajpet. Today would be another day where I had to encounter bad roads, and this time it was all the way till peryipatna.

Reaching virajpet, I asked for directions for gonikoppa and went ahead. The roads looked like it had not been relaid in ages. Taking more breaks than driving, I reached gonikoppa after a few hrs. A short break and I was heading to ponanpet. It took a long time to reach ponanmpet. Next was srimangala, and soon I was at the intersection of nagarhole and irrupu falls.

Soon I reached irrupu falls, keeping my luggage in the registration counter, i headed to the falls. The falls looked majestic with water flowing in full force.

There were very few tourists, and I had ample time to play with various exposure settings in my cam to get the optimal shot

Irrupu Falls

I spent some time relaxing at the falls, while giving my tired body some rest.  Spending an hour at the falls, I headed back to the counter to collect my luggage and head to my final destination for the day – Mysore. I thought the ride would be incomplete without riding through the Nagarhole National park, as I would cover beaches, forests, ghats.

Suprise waited for me at the entrance of nagarhole NP. Two and Three wheelers werent permitted inside the park, which I wasnt aware. My attempts to negotiate with the officials were in vain, and they told me to go back to gonikoppa and then go to mysore.

The next few hours would test my patience to the max as I had to ride through some of the worst roads. I was relieved to reach the highway and soon cruising along some good roads at last.  One of the locals told me that the hunsur road, was also in a bad state and I could go to mysore via periyapatna. Bad roads again, welcomed me in periyapatna, and by the time I reached the Mysore-Bantwal Highway it was 4.30 in the evening. A short stop for some snacks and it was a non stop ride to mysore.

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Snaps can be found here

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