Apsarkonda Falls

Located 30 kms from Murudeshwara and towards honnavar asarakonda falls is a popular tourist spots around honnavar and murudeshwar.  During my coastal trip couple of years I had missed this falls and during my second visit last week, I decided to pay a visit  to the falls. As I was visiting the falls for the first time I wasnt sure where exactly it was hence the only way to reach the falls was by asking the locals. There are posters of the falls along the highway along with other tourist destinations which allows people to visit them.

We soon reached the signboard indicating the direction to the falls and after driving for half a km we encountered a blockade, upon inquiring a local showed us an alternative route to the falls. There is a ramakrishna mutt present and the falls is located just behind the mutt. The view of the sea from the top is simply breathtaking.

There was very little water in the falls and since there was nothing much to do there hence we returned back to murudeshwar.

Apsarakonda Falls


Evening was spent enjoying the sunset at the beach and some adventure sports before retiring for the day

Sunset at Murudeshwara Beach


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