Stok Kangri The expedition — Day 6: Shang to Shang-pu

The actual trek began only today and it was also relatively short one for about 4 hrs.  We were asked to be out with the bags by 7 and after some stretching exercises we began the trek. We would be crossing lot of streams and boulder crossing and we were asked to wear our shoes.

The trek began after our breakfast and we started the long walk towards shang-pu. The initial path was on a well marked trail which lead from the camp and continued towards the river.

The march towards shang-pu

The path continued and after crossing couple of small streams and walking for an hour we took a small break. Discussions continued and after a short while we continued the walk.
Leaving the well marked towards we took a different path while consisted of boulders. Again we had to cross couple of big and small streams and continue our journey. Rajmohan rawat helped us by putting some stones in the flowing river which would create a makeshift bridge.

Rocky path

Walking for some more time we took another break after crossing another stream. We were asked to keep to the right to the river and keep going. Another hour or so and the sky became overcast threatning to open up at any moment. Jackets and other rain gear came out luckily there was only a slight drizzle which onctinued for a while. As we reached shang-pu the drizzle turned into a full hailstorm. There was a couple shepherd huts for which ran for cover. The hailstorm lasted briefly and soon the sun was out.

Our tents arrived shortly and were shown how to pitch it. Soon an interesting discussion regarding ads, domains and all things related to tech began and lasted for a while till lunch arrived.

For the accilimatization trek we were asked to climb a small hill and for those interested in goin further there was a ridge to be crossed to reach another hill which has a pile of stones. Me prakash sir and anshul headed for the second hill beyond the ridge. After an easy climb through the first part we encountered loose stones and soil and a steep climb which lasted for an hour. Finally me and praskash sir reached the second pile with anshul close behind us. It was a moment to cherish as the scenary from the top was breathtaking. With a valley on one side and lush meadows and far reaching sky on the remaining we spent some time enjoying those moments. Couple of snaps and we headed back to the camp

Shang-Pu climb

An hour of descending and we reached the camp. Hot soup was served which made our tired bodies better and after some more chit-chatting it was time for diner and nap time as we had a climb to gangpoche via mato-dhoksa the next day

Roopkund Day 7: WAN and the end of the trek

Today would be the final day of the trek as we would descend to wan a small village in the foothills and from there we would be picked by vehicles which would be waiting for us and transport us back to loharjung thus completing the trek.

As usual the weather was misty when we began the trek and it had not started to rain. The beginnning was a descent and everyone were walking quite fast and many of us took the wrong turn at one place only to hear shouts from those the fork asking us to come back. Soon we were on the right track and we were heading towards wan

The route we took was through a oak forest. Overnight rains had made the ground slippery and slushy.

The slush made walking difficult and there were places where the route wasnt clear. Luckily for us the guys who had gone ahead had marked the path, which made it easier for us to follow

The downhill descent continued for some more time, and as usual it was raining intermittently. Soon we reached a river and the ascent started again

The River

An hour of ascending and we could see the signboards to wan.  Another couple of hours of walking and we could see houses.

We went past a big temple and reached a tea shop. A short break and we reached the road where the jeep was waiting. After a rickety ride we were back at loharjung thus completing an exciting trek.

Things however werent so smooth for those who were behing me, srusthi, sam and harsha who had just got in the jeep. We were promised 3 vehicles so that everyone would reach the basecamp together, however this wasnt provided.The others had to wait quite a long time before they were picked up and no doubt they were upset by the time they reached the camp.

We voiced our concerns to the organizers during the small party we had and the organizers promised to look into this as this was a major goofup. Apart from this the entire trek was well organized.

Snaps from my cam

Consolidated snaps

Roopkund Day 3: The ascent to Didna

With a good night sleep, everyone were up early the next day as we would start the trek from today.

However before the we started the trek, we had to complete a few formalities such as handing over our medical cert and disclaimers and getting our trek passes. Once this was done, we were put through a few stretching exercises to help us loosen our body before the start of the trek. We spent about half hour doing the exercises and then we were all set for the trek.

A customary photo at the start and we were off to didna which would be our camp for the firs day

All set to conquer roopkund

  The initial part of the trek was through a jeep track which connects loharjung to wan. Since everyone were charged up, we were moving at a good pace. The scenary was beautiful and we proceeded along taking snaps along the way. We could see didna which looked quite far away from where we were

Didna at a distance

We soon reached a place which had a couple of houses and we had to take a detour through the village.  Our next stop would be a river which was passing below where we would have our packed lunch and then move ahead.

It was downhill descent and we reached the river soon. A short break for lunch and we started the climb to didna

The ascent was slow in the beginning as we had to navigate our way through the stony steps. Benji, me and couple others were in the lead following lokesh, while the others were behind us. A couple of breaks and we continued our climbing

Finally after 2-3 hrs of climbing me and benji reached didna village with the rest following closely

Didna Village and the scenic beauty

We were welcomed to the camp with rose juice followed by hot soup. While resting our tired bodies, pakodas was served which was went down everyone’s throat the moment it came from the kitchen.

After taking sufficient rest lokesh asked us to get ready for an acclimatization walk which will help us later on when we have to trek to junargali. The walk would be for 10-15 min and we would ascend another 200mts or so. Soon everyone got ready and left for the walk. We climbed for 10 min and reached a small clearing where we could see loharjung and the lush green mountains as far as the eye can see.

We spent some time there before heading back to the camp.

At Camp @Didna

Soon it was time for dinner and time to hit the sack as we had to climb to ali/bedni bugyal the next day, which are the two highest meadows in asia

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