Ferrari World

If you are a F1 and a ferrari fan, a visiting Abu Dabhi / Dubai is not complete without visiting Ferrari World.

Ferrari World is a theme park in Yas Island which is also home to Abu Dabhi Grand Prix. The park is also home to the fastest roller coaster. Sitting in that one can experience the thrill of an F1 car.

Ferrari World

IMG_6906_resizeAt the entrance you can find the F2003GA F1 car which schumacher one his 6th F1 championship thus becoming the driver with most F1 championships and also beating Fangio’s long standing record. We can also find the F1 car of the 1950’s which ferrari won its first championship

The past and the present


Apart from the F1 cars there are also road cars which Ferrari is famous for. From the 250GT to the latest ferrari road cars the theme park has everything

Ferrari Road Cars



The theme park has various sections and rides for all ages. There ferrari gallery has the major road cars with its proud racing heritage. One can spend enough time at the theme park admiring the beautiful machines. In addition to the cars there is a 3D ride, a virtual tour of the ferrari factory among others

Ferrari Gallery




The park also has a replica of a F1 pit and garage where one can see how a F1 team operates at the races.

F1 Garage



In addition to all the cars and other things, there is also a miniature replica of italy and all its famous landscape which is terrific. These landmarks are not related to just ferrari but all of italy. The colosseum, pisa, venice all the major historical places are covered. Seeing all the replicas is like walking in mini italy itself

Mini Italy




The trip came to an end after visiting the past and present store where the alfa romeo driven by Enzo is kept. Couple of photos of the car and the man it was time to head back thus completing a well spent day.

Alfa and Enzo



Snaps can be found here

Kuwait Snapshots

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