Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 1: Off to haridwar

It had been 2 years since I had been to a himalayan trek with Stok Kangri last done in 2012. The lure of the mountains was getting irresistible  and it was time to head to the himalayan mountain ranges again.

Srikanth was having the same feeling and we decided to head for another trek in the himalayas. Indiahikes was chosen by default as with the previous two treks. With so many treks being conducted we had to choose which one to do as we had to balance our holidays. There were few treks which were in the pipeline and we finally zeored in on Deoriatal to chandrashila peak trek which would fit our schedule perfectly. The trek was a new one which was announced by Indiahikes and not too difficult.This would serve as a nice trek to get back in the groove.

With the trek confirmed, payments were made and tickets were booked for haridwar which is pickup point for the trek. Things were going smoothly, with mails from Indiahikes asking us to fill up the details in a XLS and another mail asking us to get the required stuff for the trek when the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal and its surrounding areas in India, caused some minor panic. We were informed by Indiahikes they are in touch with the basecamp and Uttrakhand where the trek is, has not been affected by the earthquake. This gave us some relief and with the final preparations done, Me and Srikanth headed to Delhi and then to haridwar to meet our fellow trekkers.

Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 1

The day started with everyone being woken up at 6. As bathing was forbidden for the next 1 week, we just had to brush our teeth, and get our bags to the hallway. Breakfast was served and after that we were asked to assemble outside.

Jeeps had already arrived to pick us up and the trek  started after singing the national anthem and raising the national flag.


We began our journey to dhotrey which was the starting point of the trek. After collecting our packed lunch in manebhanjan we continued our journey to dhotrey. At Manebhanjan those having  cameras had to pay a fee of Rs 100 and this ticket would be valid till rimbick which was the last point of the trek.

Singalila National Park

Having reached dhotrey at 10.30 we were asked to assemble again and after a headcount the trek started

Dhotrey Village

The weather was quite cold and misty when we started the trek. The initial part of the trek was through villages.

The weight of the backpack was beginning to take its toll and I used to stop every now and then before moving further. After a little while I got used tot he weight and the climb became more easier.

The road to tonglu

The mist was however blocking the beautiful scenary. With breaks in between the climb continued  till we reached Tonglu where we were supposed to have packed lunch. There was a house there where we could rest.

House at Nepal Border

Nepal was just a few feet from there and we all went there for a photoshoot. Having spent some time at the border we headed back, where the headcount was taken again. The final leg of the trek was a downhill walk to tumling which was the final point for the day

Nepal and rocky path to tumling

Soup was served to everyone and we were shown our respective rooms. Evening was spent playing antakshari. Dinner was soon served and later me shashi and a few others for a moonlight stroll as the full moon was just too inviting. We went to a nearby stupa and spent some time there taking snaps.

A short while later we were back at the camp and hit the bed, as the climb to kalipohri awaited us tomorrow

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