Less Known Hosyala Temples

After a hectic week of working in the night due to client requirements , I got some much needed rest on Friday  when my team lead said i need not come to office in the evening. I finished the remaining work from home while searching for a few places to visit on the weekend.

While browsing aravind’s blog I came upon a few less known hosyala temple’s near Mysore which could be covered in a single day. I was initially planning on covering these during dussera but couldn’t due to  time issues. Now that I had ample time I set out to cover these places as I had missed them during my earlier trip. I had taken the directions from aravind before and I just cross checked them with my uncle before heading out

Apart from Belur,  Halebid and Kesava temple in somanthpur , the Hosyala’s have built other temples around Mysore which are not aware to many people. Some of the other temples built by hosyala’s are

  1. Sri Lakshminarayanaswamy temple in Hosaholalu
  2. Sri Bramheshwaraswamy temple in Kikkeri
  3. Sri Panchalingeshwaraswamy temple in Govindahalli

All these temples are within 15-20 kms from each other which makes it ideal for a one day visit along with belur halebid and sravanabelogla

I set out on sat morning around 9 towards panadavapura on my brother’s bike. Cruising at good speeds I reached pandavapura around 10.30. From Pandavapura I had to travel to KR Pet which is 30 kms.

I reached KR Pet in around 45 min and asked for directions to hosholalu. Hosaholalu is 2 kms from KR Pet was my first destination. There is a sign board showing the route to the temple once you reach hosholalu.

Lakshminarayanaswamy Temple

The temple is built on the similar lines of kesava and halebid temples i.e on a star shaped stone. The temple is surrounded houses and is well maintained by the ASI.

This temple has 3 shines and is called as a trikuta temple as explained by the priest present in the temple.  However he seemed to know very little about the temple and there were no guides around

A structure is built in front of the temple which spoils its beauty

After spending some time clicking snaps I headed out to kikkeri which is 15 kms from KR Pet. Upon reaching kikkeri i asked a few people directions to the temple and i was surprised to see people didn’t know about the temple. One of them asked to go to the town and inquire. I asked a person at the tea shop and he gave me the directions to the temple.

Bramheshwara Swamy Temple Entrance

The temple is situated next to a lake which is present near the town. There is a sign board one of the walls of a house advertising the presence of the temple

Lake near temple

The temple is not fully completed as some of the sculptures are not fully finished. The temple was closed by the time I reached there. I could however get inside the temple as parts of the wall has collapsed.

Bramheshwara Swamy Temple

Though the temple represents a fine piece of hosayala art , it is sad to see the temple is being neglected by the local people. Luckily there is no physical damage done to the temple

My final destination was govindahalli which is 5 kms from kikkeri. There is a rock slab just a few meters from kikkeri police station showing the direction to panchalingeshwara temple.

The temple is located amidst fields and has an air of freshness around it.

Panchalingeshwara Temple

The temple was closed when i visited, however an old lady near the temple gave me some info regarding the temple. The temple is huge and it has 5 sanctums for 5 shiv lings. Shiv lings  are named as  Tatpurusheshwara, Aghoreshwara, Sadyojateshwara,Ishanyeshwara  and Vamadeveshwara .

The 5 santums

A nandi statue is present for each of the 5 shiv lings. While  Aghoreshwara and Vamadeveshwara have their nandi statues outside , the nandi statues for Ishanyeshwara, Tatpurusheshwara and Sadyojateshwara are present inside the temple

Nandi Statue

The sculptures are missing from a few places in the temple. Theft might be a likely explanation.

I had finished seeing all these temples and I still had enough time to get back to Bangalore.  Sravanabelagola is just 11 kms from kikkeri and I was thinking of covering even that and then head to belur and halebid which was just 90 kms.

I however decided to cover these at a later date and moved to srirangapatna which around 50kms from kikkeri.

I reached srirangapatna at 3 and headed to dariya daulat which was tippu’s summer palace.

Dariya Daulat

Photography is allowed only outside the palace. The place houses paintings of srirangapatna during its fall along with the guns and other artifacts of tippu’s era

Guns used during Tippu’s Reign

After visiting dariya daulat I then visited gumbaz which contains the bodies of tippu and his family.


After seeing gumbaz , left to see the remaining places in srirangaptna namely , colonel bailley’s dungeon , jumma masjid and rangathaswamy temple before heading to Mysore

Canon at colonel bailley’s dungeon

I spent the evening visiting the palace and relaxing

The next day i headed out to KRS and I wanted to see the venugopalaswamy temple which was recently renovated. I had visited the temple last year and the renovation was still under progress. The temple is located at the KRS backwaters.

Brindavan Gardens

Lot of things had changed in one year and due to some new construction being done I could not locate the place. Had to return home empty handed :(. I had taken a few snaps from my earlier visit

I left KRS and reached home at 3.30 in the afternoon.

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Snaps can be found here

The weekend that was almost ruined

With a 3 day long weekend , I was in no mood to stay at home. I had completed lepakshi on saturday and was happy with the performance of the swift.Got back thinking of the long drive for the next 2 days. Smsed by friend asking him to be ready by 7 the next day so that i could pick him up and dozed off for an hour.

Things began to take a turn for the worse when i got up. I had recieved a sms from my friend saying he wont be able to come as he was going for the mullayanagiri-bababundangiri ridge walk. Just what I did not want as dad would not allow me to solo drive in the car.

With one guy stuck in office and a few others not interested to come I decided to go alone.

Things took a turn for the worse later on when dad forced me to stay in the house to attend an important function which i wasnt keen on attending. I was planning on leaving bangalore at 6 or 6.30 in the morning as I had planned to cover bluff, talkad,somanthpur and srirangaptna before heading to mysore. The next day being vijayadashmi and with most of the people in mysore for the procession and festivities, I was thinking of driving down to pandavapura-> KRPET->Kikkeri and govindhalli to see a few hoysala temples which was built in the helebid style.

This plan was defanitely not going to work and I was thinking of an alternate one. My bro further gave me a scare by saying the clutch on his pulsar was not functioning properly. I decided to take a risk as driving on my splendor was out of the question.

Sunday arrived and I was still in the house rather than being on the road. After finishing the function I was it was already 2.30. Finally tanking up the pulsar fully I left bangalore at 3 in the afternoon.

My first pit stop was at kanva dam. Saw a few people playing in the river. Took a few snaps of the backwaters and zipped off towards mysore.

Kanva Dam Backwaters

View from kanva Dam

Took a small break at maddur cofee day. Reached mysore at 7 at night. I was amazed to see the rush as vijayadashami was the next day. I managed to drive down to my grandma’s house.

After a quick cuppa i headed out to the mysore palace which was lit up like a christmas tree :). A gaint pandal was erected and they were broadcasting yedurappa’s speech. Took a few shots of the palace in all its glory from a few different angles before heading back home.


Side view of palace

Next day  left home early as i had to cover a few places. Had a smooth ride till bannur. After bannur there are no roads except in patches until u reach bluff. My long ardeous ride had just began. Reached somanthpur and 8.

I found that they open the temple only at 9. With nothing to do , i got chatting with a retired wing commander who had come there with his family as incidentally was on the same route as mine. He was boastful about his bicycle rides and treks which he used to do.

The authorities opened the temple around 8.50. After a photoshoot i left for talkad around 9.30. My back and the bike’s suspension were getting a real work out driving on those roads :).

Somanthpur Temple


Carvings in somanthpur temple


There was a lake just a few meters from somanthpur temple which provided a good scenic location.  I left the places taking a few snaps of the lake

Lake near somanthpur temple


Driving another 30 kms, i reached talkad around 11. Hired a guide to show me around. Explored talkad for an hour and after taking photos, left the place at 12 in the afternoon.

Talkad Temple


My final destination was gangan chuki and bharachuki falls popularly called as bluff. It was another bone rattling 40 kms drive till I reached bypass road from maddur which goes through malavalli to MM Hills and chamarajnagar . Reached gaganchuki falls around 1.30. After spending some time and taking snaps , I left for bharachuki falls after munching a few snacks as i hadnt eaten anything since my morning breakfast.

Gaganchukki Falls


Bharchukki Falls


The 13 kms drive was through good roads and i was made the most of it by clocking speeds of 90 kms. After a photo session , left for bangalore. It was already 2.30 by the time i left. Dark grey clouds began to appear on the horizon and i didnt want to get drenched. The rain started to fall heavily as I was driving towards malavalli. Had a take shelter at a bus stand. The rain dance continued for another hour , as i had to stop quite a few times so that i dont get drenched too much in rain. Contiuning on this road I reached the mysore-bangalore highway at 4. I was suprised to see it had not rained in this part of town. The road was absolutely dry.

With less traffic I reached ramangaram and had my “lunch”. Proceeding further I reached home at 7 thus ending an interesting trip.Hoping to cover srirangapatna and pandavapura route some other day

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Snaps  can be found here

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