Kengal Gudda

It was already 3 weeks in Jan and I yet to start the new year with a trek. When Kiran sent a mail with a plan to climb madhugiri, I immediately jumped at the chance. With the tragic death of a trekker recently in madhugiri, I was not sure if the permission would provided for the trek. For worst case in case we could not trek in madhugiri, I suggested two other forts in the vicinity which were also offbeat.

We decided to go to madhugiri and try our luck, in case we were denied permission, we would then head to the other forts. With the plan ready and participants ready we headed to dabbaspet and stopped for breakfast before proceeding further. Madhugiri is 40 kms from dabbaspet and we were hopeful of reaching there in couple of hours. As we proceeded further, the road condition deteriorated further and there was enough deviations shown due to road digging. We were hopeful the conditions would improve and continued ahead, however it remained the same. Driving for another couple of kms, we asked a group of people, and were told the condition is the same. This prompted us to change our course back to shivgange as we knew we would not reach madhugiri, driving on such bad roads.

While heading towards shivagange we saw another hillock, which tempted us to climb that rather than shivgange, something which all of us had already done. Upon inquring further we came to know this was called as Kengal Gudda. We proceeded towards this hillock after getting the directions.

Kengal Gudda

IMG_9018_resizeSoon we were near the school from the trek starts after taking couple of wrong turns and going further ahead. Couple of youths from the village showed us the way to the base of the hillock and we started the trek. As usual there is no direct path for these hillocks and one needs to make our own route to the top, which is what we did

Negotiating the steep and slippery rocky surface we climbed further, supporting each other. Soon we were at the half way mark and the climb became more steeper. We could find couple of rock cut steps towards the end and support to climb the steep gradient.An hour into the trek we were at the top with couple of acrobatics and rudimentary rock climbing techniques to reach the top. There is a small mantap and couple of nandi statues at the top.

Selfie and Solo Snaps to commemorate the climb



Few solo, group and selfies later we were planning to get down, after taking some well deserved rest. The climb down in the steep gradient was slow as everyone were careful not to fall down. Reaching the half way point we saw another route which seemed to be much easier than the path we took, and following the path we reached the base very soon. Upon inquiring in the village we were told, the route we took to come down is the normal route.

Scenery from the top

IMG_9070_resizeWe bid adieu to the villagers and headed to back home. Couple of stops for lunch and dessert I was back home by 4 thus completing a nice and short trek.

Snaps can be found here

Elliot’s Beach

The vibrant city of chennai would be my home for the next month, as I was sent here on some official work. After checking in to my hotel and relaxing for a while, I headed to elliot’s beach which was closest to my hotel.

A short bus ride took me to the beach in 1o min. Asking for directions I went for a stroll on the beach. As it was a sunday, the beach was ultra crowded. There were numerous stalls, selling various items ranging from ice creams to fast food.

Opp to the beach, there are plenty are plenty of hangouts such as barista, java green etc where one can spend time chatting with friends and relaxing. After spending an hour roaming the beach and clicking photos, I returned back to the hotel

A few snaps of elliot’s beach

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