Roadtrip Day 1: Sravanabelagola / Gorur Dam

The 9 day long weekend, made me to initiate a roadtrip covering a few places in karnataka. This was initially planned by me n srikanth, however this became a solo roadtrip as srikanth couldnt make it due to unavailability of leaves. After mapping out the places, the route was mapped in google maps and it looked good for a 1 week roadtrip.

A few calls to discuss the route to be taken and the possible condition of roads,surfing the net for a couple of extra places which could be fitted in the list, i began the ride on sat oct 30th.
Filling the tank up to the brim, i took the usual nelamangala-hassan route and was cruising along as there was less traffic. A deviation at nelamangala took me to hassan road and I was maintaining good speed. Since there was enough time, I took a right turn at IOL bunk to reach deepambudhi lake which I had already visited once before.
Deepambudhi Lake
Though no photos were taken, I spent some time walking along the lake and enjoying the scenary, before moving to markonhalli dam, which is also enroute to hassan. Another half hour of biking took me to the dam. As usual entry was prohibited and I went to the backwaters to spend a few min.
Markonhalli Dam
Note: Snaps shown here are from my earlier visit to both these places
My next task was to figure out how to reach rosary church, which was submerged when gorur dam was being built. A few blogs and links I checked, indicated the church was near shettihalli, however when I reached shettyhalli and inquired about the church, I was suprised as people told me there was no ruined church present. One of them asked me to go a couple of kms further and ask.
A few people told me there was one present in nuggenhalli, however I wasnt sure if it was the same church. Further inquiry proved futile as people had no idea about the church. The clock showed 1pm and i was still quite a long way off from hassan.  I headed to a hotel for lunch and then to sravanabelagola to see bhabhubali.
A lake on the net provided a good backdrop and i took a few snaps.
Reaching sravanabelagola, I went to see bhahubali. There were quite a few people present considering it was the start of a long weekend, with 1st Nov also being a holiday. A couple of other monuments in the vicinity caught my attention and I went to have a look at those
Having reached the top, I went to see lord gomateshwara. A few people were offering their prayers, while others were busy taking snaps
After offering my prayers, it was time to head to hassan. A couple of hours of driving, took me to the town limits. Checking into kadamba hotel, I asked the guy in the reception about a few other places I had marked to visit. He told me I can only visit gorur dam now as it was already 4 in the evening. The next day I can take the ariskere road and cover the remaining places as all the places are on that part of town.
Having agreed to his suggestion, I went to gorur dam, which is 22kms from the hotel. People are allowed to go to the lower level of the dam, however no one is allowed on the upper level, where one can see the water.
Gorur Dam
A couple more people had come to see the dam, and we were let inside after giving the instructions, one should not go beyond the lower level of the dam. Clicking a few snaps, I roamed about while others were busy with their photoshoots
Gorur Dam from Inside
With nothing much to do in the dam, I came back to the hotel, and retired for the day.

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Snaps can be found here
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