Thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte – The Season Ending trek

Brijesh of Ruff Terrain Adventures had asked me to join for a trek to thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte before I left for himalaya. I had told him that I had climbed Thadiyandmol already and would be interested in joining for Nishani Motte, however he asked me to join as the group would be different.

I proposed the plan to kiran who promptly joined. Tickets were booked for coorg on fri night.

We reached coorg at 6 and called brijesh who sent a vehicle to pick us up. After finishing our morning abulations in the basecamp we got ready to climb thadiyandmol.

Day -1

The trek started after a round of introductions. In order to save time, the vehicle in which we were travelling, was driven till nalknad palace. From here the peak is 6 kms.

The Ruff terrain Gang

As kiran and I had already been to the peak, we began the climb with a few others following us. A guide YHAI Coorg unit as accompanying us in case some one got lost.

The intial part of the climb was through a tarred road and as we gained altitude the scenary also improved.

Way to the Peak

We soon reached the only source of water and took a short break. The rest of the gang was a long way behind. We however decided to continue the climb as the path was straightforward. Stopping to take few snaps we continued our climb

Scenary near thadiyandmol

An hour of climbing and we were at the top. As we were the first persons to the peak, I choose a comfortable place to have a nap while waiting for the rest of them to arrive. The rest of the guys arrived after an hour. Lunch packets were opened and after lunch the descent began.

We were at a small waterfall which we crossed in a couple of hours. A short break to wash our faces and to drink water we reached nalkanad palace pretty quickly.

The rest of the guys arrived late as usual and those interested in having bath went to a nearby creek near the palace while the rest of them went to see nalknad palace. It was time to leave nalkanad palace as it was already 6 !!.  The return journey was spent antakshari. Dinner was served in basecamp and it was time to hit the sack after a round of campfire.

Day 2

The trek to nishani motte was scheduled for today. As the route was new to everyone we were asked to follow the guide. We were transported to galeebedu from where the trek begins. The guide led the way and we followed

The initial part of the trek was through cofee estates.

Coffee Estates

As there were numerous deviations in the path, those who were ahead were asked to wait at the intersections till the guide arrived. After crossing the coffee estates we came to a clearing from where we could see the majestic WG. The scenary was simply amazing and once everyone reached there, a short break was taken before we proceeded

Western Ghats

The guide asked us to follow him as only he knew the path. We continued to walk along the ridge which provided some great scenary

Ridge Walk!!

We could see the peak in front of us after crossing the ridge. With greenery all around the peak looked very inviting. The wind was blowing heavily when we reached the peak.

View from the peak

Spending some time at the peak we began the descent. As usual the guide was leading the way. After briefly loosing our way we were back on the right track. An hour or two of descending, we reached the road. The rest of the guys followed.

Time was already running out as a few ppl had come to AP and they had to reach bangalore to catch a 10.30 train. The vehicle was called to where we were and soon we were heading to the basecamp.

Those who had to get back to Bangalore boarded the vehicle, while me and kiran decided to get down at madikeri, as our return tickets were booked already

A visit to Abbi Falls and we were roaming around in coorg till dinner time and we boarded the bus to bangalore, thus concluding the final trek of 2010

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Snaps can be found here

Thadiyandmol – Solo Trek

After a month and half sitting idle in the house due to some functions and official work, i finally decided to head out to the mountains as I could get only the last weekend of may to go out. I had got a mail from shimoga YHAI regarding a malnad state trek which was for 3 days, and when i called the organizer to check if i could attend on the weekend, I was told, I had to attend all 3 days.

With kiran heading to shimoga and srikanth staying back at home, I decided to head solo to bramhagiri. Upon checking with srikanth, I got to know that i had to arrange for the guide and chances of getting a guide are slim, upon reaching srimangala. When even after many attempts i couldnt reach srimanagala forest dept, i decided to go to thadiyandmol as the route was pretty clear and it was also an easy trek.

Srikanth send me a link which showed the presence of tigers in thadiyandmol range, and I knew i was going to the right place :).

After an uneventful journey i reached virajept at 6.15 AM on sat morning. After finishing my morning abulations, I headed to the bus stop and after a short wait I boarded the bus to kakabbe, which is the starting point of the trek which took about 40 min.

Start of the trek

I began the trek at 7.40, and began the steady climb, towards nalknad palace. Since the road towards the palace was winding and was long, I took a shortcut through a couple of fields and reached the palace shortly, as it was closed, i decided to head to the peak and then visit the palace when coming back. I met a couple of people coming down and asked them about the tiger. They confirmed that tigers are present in these parts of the woods, however it cant be spotted easily.  Now that I knew there would no danger, I proceeded further.

Nalknad Palace

Taking few breaks, i continued the climb, and after a short while, I heard some rumbling in the trees, and I paused for a moment, to hear. I hadnt seen any animals till then and I wasnt sure what the sound was. I decided to continue and turn back in case things get a creepier. Thankfully no 4 legged animal emerged and I continued my ascent.

With beautiful peaks emerging at every turn and the scenary becoming more spectacular i continued my ascent. I soon reached the flat land, where people normally camp. After a late breakfast i continued the trek. The climb became a little steep in some places and my lack of fitness was apparently showing. With a few longer breaks, i reached the forest and managed to reach the peak in a little over 3 hrs.

Lush green Peaks

Spending some time on the peak, i began my descent.  After crossing the forest , i took a small nap before resuming my descent.

Greenary all around

Filling up my bottle at a house, i reached nalknad palace. While taking rest at one of the shops, i asked the owner regarding the apparant tarring of roads, and he told me that there are a few people living close to the peak. As per the shop owner, commuting for these people is becoming an issue and they are planning to have road constructed, which enables them to commute easily.

Inside Nalknad Palace

[Note: The path birfucates into two, and the flat path leads to the houses of the people. If you take the road going up, it goes to the peak]

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